Hydroxina Garcinia – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydroxina Garcinia is popular, there’s no mistaking that.  We’ve found that it’s more than just hype, as there seems to be a genuine excitement from readers and industry professionals alike.  But because it’s a new product, and there’s not much information out there yet, there’s a lot of misinformation working its way into the mainstream.  While we’re far from being the authority on Hydroxina, we do have a lot of information that other reviewers don’t have.  That’s why we’ve decided to set up this frequently asked questions page for you to ask your questions.  If you have a question we didn’t get to, feel free to reach out.  We’ve set up a contact page for you to ask your questions here.  Remember, we’re not the company, so try not to bombard us with questions about your order, or how to cancel.  Write down their contact info when you order.

Hydroxina Garcinia FAQ Site

How long does Hydroxina take to work?

By our best info, we’ve found that Garcinia (if used regularly) starts getting better results the longer you take it.  But that caps out at around 4 weeks.  There doesn’t seem to be any cumulative effect after that point.  Our point is that you want to stick with it for at least a few weeks if you want to start seeing visible results.  Also take the next bit of info into consideration.

How do I get better results with Hydroxina Garcinia?

The biggest piece of advice we can give people who want to lose weight with Hydroxina is; don’t stop working out and exercising.  No matter how much info you see to the contrary, there’s no replacement for exercise and dieting.  But that’s why it’s called a supplement; you’re supplementing your diet and exercise routine with something that’s going to benefit it.  We encourage all our readers, if they’re healthy enough, to work out and eat right while they’re using Hydroxina.  That way you’re using Hydroxina as more of a safeguard against fat creation and stress eating, which is more of what it’s designed for anyway.

Is Hydroxina Garcinia Safe?

While we haven’t seen any studies done on Hydroxina specifically, we have seen multiple studies on the safety of Garcinia.  What we’ve seen is that in the short term, it doesn’t have any major side effects worth noting.  The side effects that are most common are typically relegated to gastric discomfort, and the occasional headache.  That said, if you have any kind of side effects outside of that, go talk with your doctor.  In fact, just go do it before you start.  They’ll have better info than we can provide here.

What do I do if I don’t like Hydroxina Garcinia Pills? 

Cancel your trial!  Talk with support, and they’ll walk you through what to do with the remainder of the bottle.  We’re not sure on the specific policy for this company. Some will have you send it back, some will let you keep it.  But it seems like the trend these days is to have the person send it back to prevent resellers.

Is there a difference between Hydroxina and Hydroxinia?

This is a confusing one.  We’ve definitely heard of Hydroxinia Garcinia Cambogia before.  To be honest, we weren’t sure if Hydroxina and Hydroxinia were different products at first.  It seems like it’s a rebranding of the original product, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.  It could be that it’s just getting marketed under this new name because the old name was market saturated.

Why choose Hydroxina Garcinia over another product?

The biggest reason we can think of is that it’s exciting, has the ideal blend of HCA, and doesn’t contain any other active ingredients.  When we look at Garcinia products, we want to buy ones that are using only Garcinia, and maybe a preservative ingredient to make sure that Garcinia isn’t losing any quality.  Other than that, we don’t want to see anything.

Are there ingredients to avoid when shopping for Garcinia?

We kind of hinted at this above, but there are definitely some things that we look for when we shop for Garcinia.  Avoid stimulants, as they can cause more issues than they benefit.  That’s especially true if you’re getting them in high dosages.  Pair that with the fact that a lot of us drink coffee and caffeinated pops/sodas, and you can run into a lot of issues with that stimulant overload.   That’s a big reason why we’re all aboard the Hydroxina hype train.  It’s avoiding using these kinds of filler ingredients that drive better results, but at a cost to the body.

Have other questions about our website, or Hydroxina?

Don’t be afraid to ask us a question.  We’re here to talk about just about everything.  Well, not about your recent relationship issues, unless you really want to.  But we’re not the best judge, there.  We’re weight loss writers, not relationship advisors.  And, remember, we’re not the company, so try to avoid yelling at us if something goes wrong with your order or something.